Schlebusch group at Human Evolution, Department of Organismal Biology, Uppsala University

Our group use genetics as a tool to learn more about the history of humans. We have a specific focus on African population history and migrations of people within the African continent. Our interests span the subject areas of human genetics, archaeology, linguistics, history, and how these disciplines complement each other in inferring our species’ history.

Summary of current research interests of the group:

  • Population history (African focus, recent movements associated with the development of farming and herding practices)
  • Population history (African focus, deep structure, hunter-gatherer populations)
  • Human adaptation and selection (e.g. Lactase persistence, Disease, Diet, Environmental toxins, etc)
  • Ancient DNA studies in Africa

Funding sources:

2020 Fellowship grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
2019 Conference grant from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
2019 Conference grant from the Swedish Research Council
2019 Conference grant from the Wenner Gren Foundation
2018 M Borgströms grant for genetic research
2017 Uppsala University Tenure Track grant
2017 ERC Starting grant
2016 Project grant from The Leakey Foundation
2016 Project grant from Erik Philip-Sörensens stiftelse
2015 Swedish Research Council Starting grant